The more you see something, the more normal it becomes. That is the reason PBAP was started by Austin Birth and Breastfeeding Photographer Leilani Rogers. Our society pressures moms to breastfeed “discreetly”, and there are documented instances where women have been either shamed or cast out for not “covering up”. Beginning in 2013, Rogers began photographing moms breastfeeding in the public places they felt nervous doing so. As breastfeeding in public became more of a conversation piece, Rogers invited other photographers from all over the globe to join her on her mission to normalize breastfeeding in public. Thus the official Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project was born in 2014. Now supported by nearly 70 photographers in the US, Australia, UK, Canada, Venezuela and Italy, PBAP has been featured in and on Babycenter, Huffington Post, Redbook Magazine, The Stir/Cafemom, SheKnows, Midwifery Today, Holistic Parenting, KellyMom.com and ABC News Nightline.

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